Alfred’s Serif-related pages
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If you were looking for Alfred’s Serif-related pages, you’ve found them. If you were looking for something else, you’ll have to keep looking — but please feel free to browse around here before you go!


Visit the Forum Info page for links to pages designed to help with forum-related issues such as the creation of clickable links in forum posts. There’s also a link to the Serif Rogues Gallery.


The FAQs page has answers to some frequently asked (and some not so frequently asked) questions about Serif applications.


The Downloads page offers downloads of program patches and resources, and hardware help guides: see the FAQs page for help with installing brushes and palettes. The program patches are copies of the updates available from Serif’s Updates & Patches page; the DP and PP/WP resources are also available from Matt’s Resources page and/or Marcus’s Resources page.


The Links page houses a collection of links to various external resources.