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smile wink big grin laugh tongue whistling mellow sad
unsure mad oh my crying Fonz help thumb down blink
w00t blush cool sorcerer innocent wacko closed eyes surrender
sultan drool punk huh scared yikes hat sweatdrop
builder Cyclops St Patrick's tooth Santa yawn Happy birthday conical hat
bobby sombrero devil beer online too long cowboy rolleyes angel
balloon scooter detective beatnik thumb up rock on Alucard bored
phone cursing ban ninja pirate propose toast glare nuke
artist Yoda problem paper bag duh censored elf argue
flowers yin yang solution oops wub chef ROFL clown
angry exclamation tip smart boat ears dunce soapbox
dots batman idea eek sailor sleeping stupid kiss
juggle pinch sleep1 toilet Darth Vader off topic gorgeous Indian chief
mummy sleep sunny biker curtain goofy Indian brave Mickey
skull stir the pot big cry crowngrin hissy fit melodramatic sick clap
beady eyes whip crown gloomy hippy lol shifty snowman
2 guns wheelchair Aussie Hat glasses slip helmet lips are sealed walkman snowflake
turned confused furious hang knife reindeer sneeze tt2
clover fiery hammer Kilroy punch sneaky tt1 book
evil hair karate pumpkin Smurf tongue smilie bomb egypt
gossip gnome alt hair Xmas tree alt clown alt devil I love coffee I love tea
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